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2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E: The Off-road Conqueror at Family Powersports

2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E

Yamaha’s legacy in off-road motorcycling takes another stride forward with the 2024 TT-R 50E. Building on a rich history of balancing performance with ease of use, this model is designed to introduce young riders to the exhilarating world of dirt biking. As part of Yamaha’s esteemed TT-R series, the 50E has always been lauded for its reliable engine, rider-friendly ergonomics, and a chassis built for fun-filled adventures.

The electric start – denoted by the ‘E’ in its name – ensures that even the most novice riders can kickstart their journey without the traditional hassles of a kick start. Durability is key, and as with its predecessors, the 2024 model is expected to sport a rugged construction that can withstand the bumps and tumbles that come with learning.

Safety, too, is paramount. Parents and instructors can take solace in Yamaha’s commitment to designing bikes that prioritize the well-being of their riders, especially the younger demographic. Features like an adjustable throttle limiter allow guardians to control power output, ensuring a gradual learning curve for fledgling riders.

Anticipated to come with the latest advancements in suspension, braking, and transmission, the 2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E promises to continue the brand’s commitment to offering top-tier trail bikes for the budding motorcyclist. Whether it’s a child’s first foray into off-road motorcycling or a step up from smaller models, the TT-R 50E stands as a testament to Yamaha’s dedication to fostering the next generation of riders.But has Yamaha done enough to keep this bike at the top of every young rider’s wishlist? Let’s dive deep into the 2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E to find out.

The Future of Yamaha Off-Road Motorcycle: 2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E Key Specs and Features

Design and Aesthetics

Design and Aesthetics

In line with Yamaha’s recent focus on design modernization, the 2024 TT-R 50E sports a more streamlined and aggressive look. The bike retains its classic blue livery but integrates sharper lines and a more aerodynamic profile. The plastics are designed with sustainability in mind, reflecting Yamaha’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Engine and Performance

The heart of the TT-R 50E, its 49cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke engine, continues to be a beacon of reliability. For 2024, Yamaha has tweaked the engine slightly to offer smoother power delivery, ensuring that beginners find it manageable and yet engaging. The 3-speed automatic transmission remains, allowing young riders to focus on riding without the need for clutch control.

Engine and Performance

Suspension and Handling

Suspension and Handling

One of the standout updates for 2024 is in the suspension department. The TT-R 50E now boasts improved front forks that offer better bump absorption and overall improved ride quality, even on rough terrains. The rear mono-shock, too, has been refined to provide better stability, especially during turns. This translates to enhanced rider confidence, which is crucial for young and novice riders.

Safety Features

Yamaha knows the importance of safety when it comes to young riders. The 2024 TT-R 50E comes equipped with redesigned brakes that provide superior stopping power, reducing the chances of mishaps. Moreover, the bike features a key-type ignition switch, ensuring that only authorized users can start it.

Safety Features

Convenience and Comfort

Convenience and Comfort

A redesigned seat provides added cushioning, and the handlebar has been ergonomically adjusted for better reach, ensuring that riders remain comfortable during extended sessions. Additionally, the electric start remains a highlight, ensuring that riders don’t have to struggle with kick-starting the bike.


The 2024 TT-R 50E reflects Yamaha’s pledge towards a greener future. The engine tuning ensures that emissions are kept to a minimum, and as previously mentioned, the plastics are now more environmentally friendly.

Specification 2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E
Engine Type 4-Stroke; SOHC
Displacement (cc/ci) 49 / 3
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Cooling Air
Starter Electric
Carburetion Type Carburetor
Parental Controls Standard
Fuel Capacity (gal/l) 0.8 / 3
Length (in/mm) 51.4 / 1305.6
Width (in/mm) 23.4 / 594.4
Height (in/mm) 31.3 / 795
Wheelbase (in/mm) 36.4 / 924.6
Ground Clearance (in/mm) 5.3 / 134.6
Wet Weight (lbs/kg) 128 / 58.1
Front Brake Type (in/mm) Standard; Drum; 3.2 / 80
Rear Brake Type (in/mm) Standard; Drum; 3.2 / 80
Front Suspension Type Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Type Twin Sided Swing Arm

2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E Pros and Cons: Is it the off-road motorcycle for me?


  • Reliable and smooth engine performance.

  • Improved suspension setup for enhanced ride quality.

  • Robust safety features for young riders.

  • Environmentally conscious design.


  • Some might find the design changes too aggressive.

  • The 3-speed transmission, while great for beginners, might be limiting for more experienced young riders.

  • For experienced riders, it might not offer the power they’re looking for.

Increasing the 2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E’s speed and power

  1. Exhaust System Upgrade: Replace the stock exhaust with a performance exhaust. This can increase airflow and potentially add a bit more power. Look for exhausts specifically designed for the TT-R 50E to ensure compatibility.

  2. Air Filter Upgrade: An aftermarket air filter from Family Powersports Parts Center can increase airflow into the engine. Combined with a performance exhaust, this can improve overall power.

  3. Re-jetting the Carburetor: With increased airflow from an exhaust and air filter upgrade, you might also need to adjust the fuel-air mixture. A re-jetted carburetor can optimize the mix for better performance.

  4. Sprocket Changes: Adjusting the sprocket sizes can change the bike’s power delivery. A larger rear sprocket or a smaller front sprocket can improve acceleration, while the opposite can increase top speed (though it may reduce acceleration).

  1. High-Quality Fuel: Use higher-octane fuel if the engine modifications require it. This can help prevent engine knocking and might improve performance slightly.

  2. Performance Camshaft: A camshaft designed for more aggressive riding can increase the power of the TT-R 50E. This is a more advanced modification and should be approached with caution.

  3. Lighter Parts: Reducing the weight of the bike can improve its power-to-weight ratio. This doesn’t necessarily make the engine more powerful, but the bike will be quicker due to the weight reduction.

  4. Regular Maintenance: Keeping the bike well-maintained will ensure it’s running at its best. Regular oil changes, cleaning the air filter, and ensuring the spark plug is in good condition can all keep the bike running smoothly. Visit Family Powersports Service Center for your regular maintenance needs.

Final Verdict

The 2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E continues the legacy of its predecessors, offering a reliable, safe, and enjoyable riding experience for young off-road enthusiasts. With notable improvements in design, suspension, and eco-friendliness, Yamaha has ensured that the TT-R 50E remains a top pick in its category. While it might not bring groundbreaking innovations to the table, it perfects the formula that has made it a favorite for years.

For parents looking for a trustworthy bike for their budding motorcyclist or for young riders taking their first steps into the world of off-roading, the 2024 Yamaha TT-R 50E is hard to beat.

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