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ATV Tires


When you decide to invest in an , you’re opening yourself up to a world of endless possibilities. These powerful vehicles are capable of accomplishing a variety of tasks. Whether you plan to use your four wheeler to tear up the off-road trails or to get down to business at the job site, you’ll be pleased with its superior performance. The name all-terrain vehicle is fitting, as ATVs are built to tackle a wide range of surfaces, from coarse gravel to sloshy mud. However, if you really want to take your machine’s potential up a notch, you should invest in tires that are designed for your intended terrain. Keep reading to learn more about some of the options!

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The most basic type of tires you can choose is an all-terrain model. The term “all-terrain” describes a set of tires that aren’t specifically made for one type of surface. This is helpful if you plan on riding over various terrain and don’t want to be limited to one type of surface. The other options are highly specialized, meaning they are specifically designed for use on one type of terrain. There are situations where some all-terrain tires may perform better than others. For instance, they can be designed to provide you with superior traction in muddy conditions but are still capable of handling rocky riding as well.

This tends to be the most standard option for most ATVs since they offer the best range of success on soft ground, hard turf, and anything else in between. Generally, it’s a good idea for all riders to have at least one set of all terrain tires on hand.

Mud Tires

Mud tires, as you might’ve guessed, are designed to provide your four wheeler with maximum traction when riding over muddy and watery ground. The oversized knobs are capable of grabbing large swaths of terrain when you hit the throttle. Due to the fact that mud trails feature ground with a less uniform texture than sandy terrain, they’ve got a pretty big advantage when dealing with ground that’s either soft or firm.

These ATV tires aren’t strictly limited to mud use, though. They’re also great for riding in snow and slush thanks to the well-defined lugs, which offer solid and even weight distribution. You’ll experience much less slippage in this type of terrain than you would if you used all-terrain tires. However, this type of tire has its limitations. You shouldn’t ride over hard terrain with these tires as they can become severely damaged. You’ll be in good shape if you stick to snowy and muddy conditions.

Sand Tires

Last but not least, you have sand tires, which are often referred to as paddle tires. Their name is derived from their distinctive paddle type ridges. As you’d expect, these tires are built to provide an ATV with the best possible traction when riding in the sand. After all, loose sand moves quite easily under the weight of a four wheeler, so it’s important to have the right set of tires for this. The paddle tire is designed to push the sand backward, which is where the traction comes from. It’s similar to the way a steam boat moves on the water. It’s important to note that these ridges won’t hold up on terrain that isn’t sand-like. If you take your ATV out on rough terrain with these tires, you’ll likely destroy them and lose the ability to use them.

Family Powersports Odessa is proud to be your local ATV dealer. For assistance choosing the right tires for your four wheeler, be sure to stop by our dealership! You’ll find us located near Midland, Andrews, Pecos, and Fort Stockton, TX.

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